asian food recipes

Asian Food Recipes

Hi! My name is Claudia.

Welcome to, a healthy Asian food recipes blog born out of passion for home-cooked, home-baked cuisine from traditional snacks, traditional dish, and many others.

I’m a self-taught cook and baker who just happens to be obsessed in Asian recipes. I used to live in Taipei for 4 years and learned a lot about Asian cuisines there. Now I live in Jakarta and I manage my own online confectionery shop.

I love cooking and baking. But trust me, I wasn’t born with those skills. I couldn’t even fry an egg when I started! But I was willing and eager to learn.

So, the journey started with overcooked noodles, burnt meat, bland dish, tough bread, and sagged cakes.

At this point, some of you might think I just stopped trying. But somehow, I persisted. I tried and tried again.

After many unsuccessful attempts and successful ones, I can even create my own recipes and recook or rebake after trying out some food. You just need practice and experience.

I love cooking and baking I even started my own online shop selling my baked products and cooked products. My customers love them so much, they have been loyal customers since 2011.

I like trying out new recipes and tweaking them into a healthier version i.e. less sugar and less flour or gluten free. Those recipes are tried by friends, family, and loyal customers since 2011. That’s right. I sell the baked and cooked products online and my customer love them!

In this blog, I want to share Asian food recipes that are popular in Indonesia and Asia. Since I like baking and cooking, so I will share cooking recipes, baking cake recipes, dessert, and traditional snack recipes.

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I love both cooking and baking. Feel free to check the recipes and try them out!

Wish you all the luck in your own kitchen and create wonderful stuff for your family and friends!