How to Make Bubble Tea at Home

bubble tea

Bubble tea is my favorite beverage while I lived in Taiwan, especially during summertime. It is sweetend milk tea with soft, chewy tapioca pearls inside. Taiwan is the first country …

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How To Keep Your Butter Cake Non-Stale

marble cake pattern

Ensuring the proper storage of butter cake is crucial for maintaining its freshness and savoriness. When stored correctly, non-stale butter cake retains its delightful, melt-in-the-mouth qualities and delicious flavor. So, …

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Pandan Cheesecake (Burnt Basque)

pandan burnt basque cheesecake

Pandan burnt basque cheesecake with creamy and silky smooth texture with pandan flavor is an Asian twist of this delicious cheesecake. The nutty-caramel-like fragrant of pandan and the lush green …

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How to Make Golden Syrup for Mooncake

golden syrup for mooncake

“Master the art of making golden syrup for mooncakes with our easy guide! Discover tips, tricks, and a step-by-step process to perfect your recipe.” Golden syrup (轉化糖漿)with its brown golden …

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